Bristol-Myers Squibb: Health Disparities
Reducing Health Disparities

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation helps reduce health disparities around the world.

The Foundation engages partners to develop, execute, evaluate and promote innovative programs to improve the health outcomes of populations disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa; hepatitis in Asia; type 2 diabetes; mental health and well-being in the U.S.; and cancer in Europe. In addition, we also support other charitable initiatives that meet our criteria.

Cancer in Europe
Higher cancer rates exist in central and eastern European countries.
Hepatitis in Asia
Some 275 million people in Asia and the Pacific Islands have hepatitis B.
HIV/AIDS in Africa
About 75 percent of the world’s HIV/AIDS cases are in southern Africa.
Mental Health &
Well-Being in the U.S.
Only a quarter of all people with serious mental illness in the U.S. receive help.


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