Bristol-Myers Squibb: Partnering

Bristol-Myers Squibb has transformed itself into a BioPharma leader. We have combined the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a leading-edge biotech company with the experience and capabilities of a major pharmaceutical company.

One of the ways we are doing this is through innovative partnerships with external companies led by our Business Development team.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has long since recognized that innovation happens everywhere and, as such, partnering has been for decades an important element of our business strategy. We actively seek access to scientific innovations that complement our internal R&D efforts. Our Business Development team works closely with R&D and commercial leadership to identify opportunities within our strategy that address areas of high unmet medical need across the spectrum of drug development, from discovery to late stage clinical trials and commercialization.

Our alliances encompass many organizations (companies, academia, consortiums) and activities including in-licensing compounds, clinical collaborations, and collaborations that access platform technologies, drug delivery systems, advances in pharmaco-genomics and biomarkers. We also have major collaborations involving our internally discovered assets. Bristol-Myers Squibb has a well-established record of successfully building partner discoveries into significant therapies which help patients prevail against serious diseases. Examples include PRAVACHOL® from Sankyo, TAXOL® from the National Cancer Institute and REYATAZ® from Novartis. We also have a history of forming productive collaborations to jointly develop and commercialize brands such as PLAVIX® and AVAPRO® with Sanofi, ATRIPLA® with Gilead and ABILIFY® with Otsuka. For a broader list of Bristol-Myers Squibb collaborations please see "Our Partners".

Alliances are expected to remain a key part of our business going forward. For example, together with Pfizer, we achieved regulatory approvals for ELIQUIS®, a novel anticoagulant, in late 2012 nearly simultaneously in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Our multi-faceted business development approach has established Bristol-Myers Squibb as a leader in clinical collaborations, designed to speed the study of novel combination treatments in areas of high unmet medical need such as in hepatitis C. It also has served to jump start research efforts in important disease areas including fibrotic diseases and heart failure.

Bristol-Myers Squibb remains committed to continuing our heritage of engaging in collaborations that advance our strategy and mission to help patients prevail against serious diseases.

We invite you to explore this site for an overview of our commitment to partnering, the types of things for which we are looking and how we might be able to combine our strengths to bring new medicines to patients who need them.


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