Bristol-Myers Squibb: Grants & Giving
Grants & Giving

Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to conscientious citizenship and helping worthwhile causes. This principle is the pillar of an extensive – indeed worldwide – scope of charitable activities.

From fighting AIDS in Africa to improving mental health services in rural Alabama, Bristol-Myers Squibb helps make a positive difference throughout the world.

Our giving is administered through a variety of grant-making programs, each with its own focus and application procedure.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Grants The Foundation seeks to reduce health disparities in five key areas: cancer in Europe; hepatitis in Asia; HIV/AIDS in Africa; and serious mental illness and type 2 diabetes in the U.S.
Community Grants Our company supports non-profit organizations and initiatives in communities where we have facilities and where our employees live and work in the U.S.
Independent Medical Education Grants may be available to support medical education programs, scientific conferences, development of print and online health care publications and other related activities.
Corporate Giving We make charitable donations in support of non-profit organizations. We also provide sponsorships, corporate memberships, and other kinds of support.


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