Bristol-Myers Squibb: Financial/Savings

Charitable Donations: Bristol-Myers Squibb matches donations that you make to eligible organizations on a dollar-for-dollar basis per person per year.

Scholarships for Employees' Children: Bristol-Myers Squibb offers children of employees up to 50 scholarships every year for full-time undergraduate study.

Credit Union: The Bristol-Myers Squibb Federal Credit Union offers a variety of accounts and loans, as well as direct deposit and online bill paying.

Financial Planning: A financial planning option is available to eligible employees. This option offers phone or online tools to assist in your financial planning needs.

Life Insurance: You and your dependents are eligible to elect from among a range of coverage options.

Business Travel Accident Coverage: Coverage relating to accidents that occur while on company business is funded by the company.

Disability Coverage: To protect your income if you become disabled, company-funded short-term and long-term disability benefits are available to eligible employees.

Reimbursement Accounts: These can be used to fund covered health care and/or dependent care expenses, with pre-tax contributions deducted from your pay throughout the year.

Flexible Benefits Program: The Bristol-Myers Squibb Flexible Benefits Program (FLEX) gives you the flexibility and opportunity to choose from a variety of health and insurance benefit options that meet your needs and those of your family.

Savings Plan: Bristol-Myers Squibb provides employees with the opportunity to save for retirement by making pre-tax and after-tax contributions from their paycheck. Through the 401(k) Savings Plan, the company will match your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to a certain percentage of your annual pay. Each year the company will also make an annual additional contribution on behalf of eligible employees.

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