Bristol-Myers Squibb: BioPharma Behaviors
BioPharma Behaviors

The Bristol-Myers Squibb BioPharma Behaviors reflect the company’s commitment to high performance and integrity. Every day, employees all across Bristol-Myers Squibb are using the Behaviors to help them successfully execute our strategy as a BioPharma leader and help patients prevail over serious diseases. Employees are expected to display the Behaviors, which enable them to be successful and perform at their highest level. The BioPharma Behaviors drive our company’s success and high-performing culture and are used to reward behaviors and results, recognize and celebrate the success of peers and recruit new talent.

“Our BioPharma Behaviors will be central to everything we do as a company.”
      -- Lamberto Andreotti, Chief Executive Officer

The Bristol-Myers Squibb BioPharma Behaviors are:
Decide and Act, Connect and Collaborate, Innovate and Improve, Grow and Engage


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