Bristol-Myers Squibb: Technology and Materials Requests
Technology And Materials Requests

Bristol-Myers Squibb considers Technology / Materials requests for Non-Clinical research from all therapeutic areas, and gives priority to proposals that support our medical plans in the following therapeutic areas: cardiovascular/metabolics, neuroscience, cancer, immunology and virology.

Technology / Materials requests include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • cell lines
  • transgenic animals
  • nucleic acid constructs
  • purified proteins
  • engineered bacteria & viruses

Term & Conditions

  • Rationale. The research must address a legitimate medical or scientific question affecting the use of a Bristol-Myers Squibb drug and not duplicate other planned or conducted research unless justified on a scientific or medical basis.
  • Sponsor. The applicant must be qualified and capable of conducting the proposed research in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). The sponsor must comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and must not be the subject of any legal or regulatory restrictions or sanctions.
  • Medical appropriateness of proposed research. The proposed research must be intended to produce results which could lead towards future clinical testing.
  • Scientific validity. The proposed research procedures must fulfill the stated objectives of the research.
  • Ethical considerations. The research must be designed to meet ethical guidelines concerning animal use (if applicable) in research.
  • Financial support. Funding requests must reasonably reflect the cost and effort involved and should not be used to defray normal operating expenses of the sponsor-researcher or institution that are not directly related to the supported research. An executed agreement must be in place prior to any research commencing.
  • All applicable regulatory requirements must be observed.
  • Publication of research results. The results of the research will be collected and analyzed and a report of the research will be prepared and planned for potential publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Priority. We consider requests for research in all therapeutic areas, and give priority to proposals in the cardiovascular/metabolics, neuroscience, cancer, immunology and virology therapeutic areas.

All support is awarded at the sole discretion of Bristol-Myers Squibb based on the criteria set forth above.

Before starting the submission process, please be sure to have the following information available.

  • Contact information (valid e-mail address required)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Budget
  • Hypothesis/Rationale
  • Statistical plan
  • References

How to apply:

  1. Login to the application utilizing your e-mail address and password (create a new password if this is the first time accessing the application system).
  2. Complete the demographic fields on the application.
  3. Upload the required documents as PDF files. A Research Proposal and CV are required. If you have a Research Proposal document, please upload. If you do not have your own Research Proposal template, please utilize the template here.
  4. NOTE: If you are requesting transgenic animals, Bristol-Myers Squibb requires that you submit a completed animal welfare risk assessment questionnaire with your application. Please click here to access the animal welfare risk assessment questionnaire.

Researchers requesting Technology/Materials
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Researchers Amending an Existing Technology/Materials Agreement
If you already have an agreement in place and would like to amend the terms of that agreement (extend the duration, request additional material, etc.), please click here.

For Investigator-Sponsored Research questions, please click here.


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