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National Center of Nursing and Other Health Professions

Cancer has the second highest mortality rate in the Czech Republic, one of the highest in Europe. In the Czech Republic there approximately 5,500 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually, with about 2,000 female patients dying annually. Competences of nurses in the area of provision of community care increased due to new legal standards in the Czech Republic. Regulation No. 424/2004 Coll., as subsequently amended, defines competences of a community nurse. The nurse is competent to carry out group counselling without professional supervision and without doctor’s referral. This new provision gives nurses a new opportunity to play an important role in driving down the cancer diagnosis and mortality rates.

The goal of the project is to improve cancer prevention and life quality of oncology patients with breast cancer and colorectal carcinoma and their family members through the education of community nurses in cancer prevention, and by active engagement of nurses in the education and promotion of healthy lifestyle for cancer patients. The community nurses will be instructed in primary and secondary prevention, diagnostics, patient care, and how to communicate effectively with patients and families. Nurses will be equipped with the skills needed take advantage of the new legislation allowing them to take on additional responsibilities with patient counselling. A two-part educational program will be developed for with a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part will take place in the classrooms of the National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Care Professions and as an e-learning component. The practical part will be held in direct contact with patients at patient organizations, and will provide the nurses with an opportunity to train in real-life settings while practicing communicating with patients, their families, and patients’ organizations. Partners for the practical part of the project are non-profit self-help patient organizations associated in the Alliance for Health, including the National Alliance of Patients´ Organizations of Women with Breast Cancer and ILCO regional clubs of stoma patients. Continuing education credits will be issued to the 15 nurses who participate in this pilot project.

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National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions in Brno (NCO NZO) is a state organization directly operated by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and it is an independent legal subject. Since its establishment in 1960 it has been a key institution in the area of continuing education of non-physician health professions, namely nurses, midwives, laboratory workers and pharmacists. The basic mission of the organization is continuous increasing and improvement in the professional and ethical level of health care professionals by means of conceptual, pedagogical and methodical activities.


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