Bristol-Myers Squibb: Hepatitis in Asia
Hepatitis in Asia

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Announces Funding of Nearly $1 Million to Address Needs in Hepatitis B and C Awareness, Prevention and Care in China and India. Read press release >>

Delivering Hope, an umbrella program for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation's efforts in the areas of hepatitis B and C awareness, prevention and care, has supported efforts in Asia since 2002. Delivering Hope has active projects in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and India.

Initial efforts focused on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B and promoting hepatitis B immunization in China. Today, priority areas include:

  • Capacity building for health care professionals and lay health workers
  • Disease education and awareness
  • Sharing of best practices in the prevention of management of hepatitis B and C to inform public health policy
Featured partnership: Understanding the Burden of Hepatitis C in China A Programme of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation Read more >

Current partnerships include:

AmeriCares India:
Workplace project to prevent hepatitis B & C transmission for health care workers

Baptist Christian Hospital:
Using school children to increase community awareness of hepatitis B

China Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control:
Conducting an operational study of HCV infection routes and related interventions among medical staff and the local public

Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation:
Hepatitis C awareness, prevention and care program in Taiwan

Shanghai Charity Foundation:
Studying the education model of HCV control and prevention among medical staff, HCV patients and their family members

For a complete listing of current grants, click here.

The year 2010 marked nine years for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation's Delivering Hope initiative. Reaching this milestone caused us to take time to look back, reflect and plan for the future. The above video shares Delivering Hope's achievements in partnership with nonprofit organizations in Mainland China, Taiwan, India and Japan.

For more information:

Download the Delivering HopeTM backgrounder (PDF: 463K).

Download the Delivering HopeTM brochure (PDF: 4.1MB).

Download the Delivering HopeTM Case Study Brochure (PDF: 16.6MB).


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