Bristol-Myers Squibb: Wu Jieping Medical Foundation
Understanding the Burden of Hepatitis C in China

A Programme of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation

The Hepatitis C Problem in China

In China, approximately 40 million people are infected with hepatitis C. Surging hepatitis C incidence rates led the Chinese government to declare hepatitis C an urgent public health issue.1 Prevalence of hepatitis C is estimated to continue to grow, and associated co-morbidities such as liver disease, cirrhosis and cancer, are a growing health concern. 2i

However, limited information is available about how these growing hepatitis C prevalence rates are impacting health care costs in China.

Understanding the Hepatitis C Impact in China

The Wu Jieping Medical Foundation is developing a programme to quantitatively evaluate the socio-economic burden of hepatitis C in China in partnership with 35 hospitals across the country.

It will evaluate the impact hepatitis C has on individual families, as well as on the nation at large. Based on the survey findings, the organization will develop several recommendations to inform policy and improve Chinese hepatitis C prevention and control.

In addition to the analysis, the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation will also initiate local hepatitis C intervention and education programmes for patients.

In order to accomplish these goals, the programme aims to:

  • Study and assess the impact and economic burden of hepatitis C outpatients and inpatients
  • Conduct research on treatment and management options for hepatitis C patients
  • Improve hepatitis C prevention and management through an operational study with a cohort of 42 patients
  • Investigate patients’ perception of hepatitis C prevention and treatment

About the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation

The Wu Jieping Medical Foundation was established on 28 February 2002 in Beijing, China, by the Ministry of Health. The objective of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation is to unite all medical professionals in and outside China who share an interest in the development of medicine and health through financing various academic activities to promote the medical profession and health education in China.

The Wu Jieping Medical Foundation is supported by a two-year grant valued at $246,932 (USD) from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s (BMSF) Delivering HopeTM: Awareness, Prevention and Care programme.

1 China Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control. Available at: Accessed 19 January 2011

2 BMS Market Research: WHA Policy Report Final pdf


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