Bristol-Myers Squibb: HIV/AIDS in Africa
HIV/AIDS in Africa

SECURE THE FUTURE®, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s flagship philanthropic program that provides care and support for communities affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa, has funded more than $150 million in programs in 21 African countries over 11 years, with special emphasis on community treatment support programs, care for children and building infrastructure.

In 2008, SECURE THE FUTURE® entered a new phase as a technical assistance and skills transfer program, which leverages the successes, experiences and leanings from SECURE THE FUTURE® and empowers communities to harness resources and capacity to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of multi-sectoral, community-based HIV/AIDS programs. Priority areas include:

  • Continue expanding SECURE THE FUTURE® Technical Assistance and Skills Transfer into Africa
  • Improving the diagnosis, support, education and treatment for people co-infected with HIV and tuberculosis
  • Pharmacist-based HIV/AIDS services
Featured partnerships: Addressing Cancer, Mental Health Among HIV Patients

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation is applying the successful approach of its SECURE THE FUTURE® program, which mobilizes entire communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, to programs for women with cervical and breast cancers living with HIV and patients with mental illness who are living with HIV.

The Foundation recently awarded grants totaling $214,000 to two South Africa organizations – Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA) and Mpilonhle Sanctuary Project – to support these efforts. Read more >>

Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA)

Community Based HIV/AIDS prevention and care project in Kagera, Tanzania Read more >>

Current partnerships include:

Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA)
Addressing the fishing community and hard to reach areas with prevention, community mobilization and voluntary counseling & testing

Christian HIV/AIDS Network of Liberia (CAHNOL)
Building institutional capacity and providing support to enhance activities to train grass root churches in the community

Maboshe Memorial Centre
Supporting HIV/AIDS prevention in the elderly and people living with HIV/AIDS in Zambia

Developing psychosocial guidelines and training material on behalf of the National HIV/AIDS Control Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Association Hope for Tomorrow (AED)
Providing community assistance to improve health for mothers, children, and teenagers infected by HIV & AIDS and on treatment

For a complete listing of current grants, click here.

For more information:

Visit the SECURE THE FUTURE® website at

Download the SECURE THE FUTURE® brochure (PDF: 1.5MB).

Download the SECURE THE FUTURE® IMPACT brochure (PDF: 844KB).


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