Bristol-Myers Squibb: Arc Mercer Preschool Programs Supported Through $50,000 Grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb
Arc Mercer Preschool Programs Supported Through $50,000 Grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb
(Ewing, N.J.) – The Arc Mercer announced that it received a $50,000 grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb today, which will allow the organization to continue offering a range of wraparound services to preschool children. This is The Arc Mercer’s third grant from the company in the past four years.

The Arc Mercer formally accepted the grant and thanked Bristol-Myers Squibb for its generosity during a summer recital at the organization’s Step Ahead Abbott School in Trenton. About 20 preschool children performed a variety of musical, literary and interpretive dance routines that they learned through programs supported by the grants.

The grants have funded portions of The Arc Mercer’s early childhood education programs offered to disadvantaged children and those with developmental disabilities. The programs are provided by Young Audiences of N.J., Inc., through the Arc Mercer’s Step Ahead Abbott Preschool Wraparound Services.

This year’s grant will continue funding services through Young Audiences’ Creative Beginnings curriculum. “These wraparound services give children supplemental music, arts and literacy programs not funded by the Department of Human Services or the Trenton Board of Education,” says Daniel Antonellis, president, Board of Directors, The Arc Mercer. “They encourage cognitive development and creativity, boost self-esteem and attempt to eliminate learning disadvantages and improve academic performance.

“The unprecedented level of support for our programs from Bristol-Myers Squibb has allowed us to continue providing preschool students with services that have proven to be highly beneficial for students’ development. The Arc Mercer is grateful to Bristol-Myers Squibb for its continued support of our efforts,” adds Steven Cook, executive director, The Arc Mercer.

Bristol-Myers Squibb awarded its first grant to The Arc Mercer in 2005; a second grant followed in 2006.

“Bristol-Myers Squibb is proud to support the Arc Mercer’s efforts to bring this highly valuable program to preschool students. We have pledged our unwavering support to the communities in which we do business,” says Geoff Morris, vice president, Global Marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb. “This grant, which will be used to continue a very worthwhile program, is a prime example of our commitment.”

Adds Antonellis: “By supporting this program, Bristol-Myers Squibb is helping us provide disadvantaged children with otherwise lacking skills needed to encourage the future growth of our community, and we are highly appreciative of that.”

The Arc Mercer was founded by in 1950 by a group of parents of children with developmental disabilities who gathered to share their concerns about caring for, educating and mainstreaming their children. Today, The Arc Mercer provides educational and vocational services and programs to more than 1,000 individuals with developmental disabilities, serves as a support network and resource for parents and caregivers, and advocates for people with developmental disabilities in Mercer County. Visit The Arc Mercer at

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to extend and enhance human life. Visit Bristol-Myers Squibb at

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