Bristol-Myers Squibb: Uninsured and Need Help Paying for Your BMS Cancer Medicine?
Uninsured and Need Help Paying for Your Bristol-Myers Squibb Cancer Medicine?

Senior Vice President Freda Lewis-Hall, U.S. Pharmaceuticals Medical Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cancer patients who are uninsured and have a financial hardship may be eligible to receive their medication for free from Bristol-Myers Squibb, through the Bristol-Myers Squibb Destination Access program.

The program just launched a new website that provides information and resources to help qualifying patients to access their medication. Uninsured patients can print and complete an application to see if they meet the financial eligibility criteria and qualify for free medication.

“When someone is diagnosed with cancer and they have no way to pay for their treatment, an assistance program like Destination Access can provide great peace of mind,” says Freda Lewis-Hall, senior vice president, Medical Affairs, U.S. Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, the benefits of the traditional Destination Access program are still available for insured cancer patients who also have difficulty obtaining their Bristol-Myers Squibb medication. The program provides useful information and resources that oncology professionals can use to help their patients work with insurers to access their medication.

Here’s how the program works: applications are available from three places – at the doctor’s office, on the Destination Access website,, or by calling Destination Access at 800-861-0048.

Patients should ask a staff member at their doctor’s office for help in completing the application. A Destination Access counselor will then work with patients and health care providers through one of three general programs: 1) Program for uninsured, through which the company will supply free product for patients who meet the eligibility criteria; 2) Reimbursement Assistance, through which Bristol-Myers Squibb will provide guidance and resources for insurance-related issues such as a denied claim, prior authorization or benefit investigation, and 3) Information about public and private programs, such as co-pay foundations, which may also be able to help.

“In today’s complex medical environment, it is important that we provide avenues of access to medicines for patients who do not have a means to pay for their medications,” says Robert LaCaze, vice president, Marketing, U.S. Oncology. “Bristol-Myers Squibb Destination Access is designed to help them.”

For more information on Bristol-Myers Squibb sponsored and supported medicine assistance programs, please go to: Patient Assistance Programs.


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