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Bristol-Myers Squibb Environmental Leadership

Earth Day, as an annual event, began 40 years ago under the premise that every individual has the right to a healthy, sustainable environment.

And Bristol-Myers Squibb is doing its part – not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Myriam Exumé, Global Marketing employee
Roberta Ercole is proud of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s innovative efforts to reduce the impact on the environment at our manufacturing facility in Anagni, Italy. “Our solar panel project is just one way that we can be an example for our employees and the people of Anagni,” says Ercole, Environment, Health and Safety manager.

“For us, being green is more than just meeting environmental mandates,” says Susan Voigt, vice president, Environment, Health Safety and Sustainability. “It’s about taking action that incorporates conservation and innovation across broad aspects of our business.”

The company’s Sustainability 2010 Goals, initiated in 2000, have resulted in significant progress in reducing our company’s environmental impacts across its network of offices and facilities worldwide. In setting its goals and charting its progress, Bristol-Myers Squibb developed a comprehensive set of environmental performance indicators, including reductions in air emissions, energy and water use, and waste generated.

Since then, the company has met and surpassed the majority of its goals. Key achievements include the reduction of total energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and water use by more than 10 percent, the reduction of non-hazardous waste by more than 20 percent, and the reduction of hazardous waste by more than 50 percent. In three out of the four areas identified as water-stressed – Puerto Rico, Mexico and Ecuador – the company has met its goal of 20 percent reduction in water usage. China continues to work toward achieving the water usage goal.

“We are pleased with the progress made,” says Voigt. “My thanks to all of the employees, teams and management worldwide for their innovation and commitment that made this possible.” Voigt notes that there is still much more that can be done and that the company is currently developing its next set of environmental objectives.

Among Bristol-Myers Squibb’s recent recognitions for corporate citizenship and sustainability:

Bristol-Myers Squibb Munich, Germany
Bristol-Myers Squibb Germany's headquarters in Munich boasts a wide range of "green" features, including geothermal energy.
Continuing Efforts Worldwide

Going green has many advantages. Along with energy savings and environmental benefits, green buildings provide satisfying work environments, which in turn promote greater efficiency and productivity. At our facilities worldwide, Bristol-Myers Squibb is integrating comprehensive energy management, pollution prevention and other proactive practices to reduce environmental impacts. For example, in Devens, Massachusetts, the laboratory and administrative building of our $750 million facility has received gold-level certification by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system. And the Devens manufacturing suite recently received silver-level certification. In Anagni, Italy, where some of our medicines are packaged, more than 480 square meters of rooftop solar panels provide power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our new office building in Munich, Germany, takes advantage of geothermal systems for heating and cooling.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is continuing and intensifying its ongoing commitment to green and sustainable business practices. Through the global, grass roots Go Green Initiative, employees around the world are taking action and offering suggestions for improving the company’s environmental footprint. In 2009, significant accomplishments included conversion to 30 percent recycled paper for copier use across the U.S., and elimination of plastic foam containers in cafeterias at our facilities in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City.

As stated in our company Commitment: We encourage the preservation of natural resources and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products.


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You are leaving to go to the Amylin Job Search and application tool. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This may require a separate login and password than what is used for the Bristol-Myers Squibb search and application process.