Bristol-Myers Squibb: Supplier Diversity Policy
About Supplier Diversity Our Policy

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Supplier Diversity is designed to actively pursue opportunities to establish business partnerships with small and diverse businesses.

Through Supplier Diversity, Bristol-Myers Squibb obtains high-quality goods, services and materials from small and diverse businesses. These suppliers share the company’s goal to strive for competitive superiority in all that we do. In addition, Supplier Diversity makes it possible for the company to initiate communication with promising suppliers, today, to start to build relationships for tomorrow.

Bristol-Myers Squibb recognizes that diverse talents and perspectives are vital to achieve success, particularly as the company reaches out to serve the needs of all potential markets and customers. Simply put, working in partnership with small and diverse companies makes good business sense.

Thus, Supplier Diversity’s mission -- to establish partnerships with small and diverse businesses -- is guided not by self-interest, but in the spirit of cooperative efforts, where all partners gain.

Components of Supplier Diversity (PDF)
Small and Diverse Classification(PDF)

Tier II

In our efforts to strive for continuous improvement in Supplier Diversity, Bristol-Myers Squibb may elect to launch a Tier 2 Program to increase opportunities for certified small and diverse business enterprises in the future. We believe that everyone benefits when all businesses are afforded an opportunity to compete in the market place.


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