Bristol-Myers Squibb: Employee Resource Groups
Employee Resource Groups

We are committed to sustaining a work environment and culture that rely on the diversity of people, perspective and experience to achieve our mission and objectives. The company's support of our employee resource groups helps us meet this commitment.

Employee resource groups are open to all employees and focus on activities that foster understanding and inclusion in the Bristol-Myers Squibb workplace. The groups provide opportunities for employees to network and continue their professional growth and development.

African American Employee Resource Group
The African American Employee Resource Group strives to be a strategic partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb to accomplish the company’s mission through the understanding and inclusion of its African-American employees and to serve as a catalyst to enhance the professional and personal development of its members.


Differently-Abled Workplace Network
The mission of the Differently-Abled Workplace Network is to foster an inclusive work environment where employees with disabilities are valued and respected, thereby maximizing individual and company performance. Membership is open to employees with disabilities, advocates and others who support the group’s mission.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies group acts as a resource to support and enhance Bristol-Myers Squibb’s success. The group addresses the needs and concerns of company employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender as well as their families, friends or colleagues with the goal of creating a working environment in which each individual is treated with respect and dignity.


Organization for Latino Achievement
Organization for Latino Achievement enhances business performance by leveraging and supporting Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Hispanic community. The group increases Hispanic cultural awareness and fosters an understanding of how Hispanics add value to the company. The group also builds networking opportunities to ensure better integration of Hispanics at Bristol-Myers Squibb, to attract, develop and retain Hispanic employees, and to live the company’s mission and commitment by reaching out to external Hispanic communities.


Pan Asian Network
The Pan Asian Network fosters cultural diversity at Bristol-Myers Squibb and works to support the company’s position as an “employer of choice” and to sustain the company’s leadership in the global marketplace. The group promotes an environment that fully values the contributions of Asian employees and provides a forum for personal and professional growth through networking, enhancing visibility and promoting the value of cultural awareness.


Women’s Resource Group
The Women’s Resource Group seeks to help Bristol-Myers Squibb become an “employer of choice” by fostering a culture of inclusion. It supports the development, retention and promotion of women through education and outreach programs focused on leveraging differences in style, skill and opinion as a means of driving our business. The group partners with other Bristol-Myers Squibb employee resource groups to promote a company workforce that reflects the world in which the company does business.


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