Bristol-Myers Squibb: Workforce Statistics
Workforce Statistics
Representation is one way in which we evaluate our diversity efforts. Over the years, the diversity of our organization -- from our senior leadership through the ranks -- has continued to grow. In the U.S., women represent approximately 50 percent of our workforce, and minorities over 25 percent.

Women Percentage
Executive Level 31.5
First/Mid Level 47.6
Professionals 52.5
Technicians 43.7
Sales Workers 52.0
Admin Support 92.0
Craft Workers 7.0
Operators 19.5
Laborers 0.0
Service Workers 0.0
Total 50.1
Minority Percentage
Executive Level 14.4
First/Mid Level 28.3
Professionals 38.8
Technicians 32.8
Sales Workers 16.2
Admin Support 19.9
Craft Workers 13.0
Operators 12.2
Laborers 0.0
Service Workers 0.0
Total 28.7

Statistics are as of July 2014

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