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ZymoGenetics, a Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 1201 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
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ZymoGenetics History

ZymoGenetics was founded in 1981 by three noted university professors: Earl W. Davie, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Washington; Benjamin D. Hall, Professor of Genetics at the University of Washington; and the late Michael Smith, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia and 1993 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

ZymoGenetics’ early focus on the development of production systems for recombinant proteins led to a 1982 collaboration with Novo Nordisk A/S for the production of recombinant human insulin in yeast. In 1988, Novo Nordisk acquired ZymoGenetics as a wholly owned subsidiary. ZymoGenetics served as the primary U.S. discovery arm of Novo Nordisk for 12 years, contributing to the development of several of Novo Nordisk's current marketed products and pipeline candidates.

In November 2000, ZymoGenetics was re-established as an independent biotechnology company, and in February 2002, began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

ZymoGenetics’ commitment to innovation has led to regulatory approval of nine recombinant protein therapies.

Bristol-Myers Squibb acquired ZymoGenetics in October 2010 after entering into a strategic collaboration to co-develop PEG-Interferon lambda.

Based in the historic 1914 Seattle City Light Steam Plant building, ZymoGenetics continues to discover and manufacture innovative medicines that will help patients prevail over their serious diseases.

Summary of Key Activities

ZymoGenetics is focused on the discovery and early manufacture of therapeutic proteins. ZymoGenetics is a fully-integrated research and manufacturing organization with a broad range of skills and technologies, including scientific computing, molecular and cellular biology, protein chemistry, antibody generation and engineering, quality, drug formulation, process development and protein manufacturing.

Research. As part of the Bristol-Myers Squibb team, ZymoGenetics focuses its early research efforts on discovery and advancement of therapeutic proteins with potential applications in immuno-oncology diseases.

ZymoGenetics Key Activities

Manufacturing. ZymoGenetics also has core expertise and process development capabilities that it uses in early manufacturing of microbial and mammalian based proteins to support toxicology studies and early-stage clinical trials.

Through collaboration, cooperation and commitment, ZymoGenetics continues to help drive forward Bristol-Myers Squibb’s early pipeline.

Career Opportunities

ZymoGenetics Careers

ZymoGenetics is a biotech company firmly rooted in the Pacific Northwest for over three decades. Patients are our purpose, science our passion, and community our responsibility. ZymoGenetics continues its mission as part of the Bristol-Myers Squibb family while retaining its unique Seattle culture.

At ZymoGenetics, our most important asset is the quality, diversity and dedication of our employees. Our people are empowered to apply their individual talents and ideas in a team based approach. We foster an energetic, open and respectful atmosphere in which innovation and collaborative work are prized.

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