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Our Partners

Bristol-Myers Squibb has a long history of, and deep experience in, collaborating with the right scientific and commercial partners to advance our research and development portfolio. Together with our partners, we have built some of the most successful products in their respective therapeutic areas. Previous collaborations with companies including Sankyo (PRAVACHOL®, 1985), Yale University (ZERIT®, 1987), National Cancer Institute (TAXOL®, 1991), Sanofi (PLAVIX® and AVAPRO®, 1993), Lipha (GLUCOPHAGE®, 1994), Otsuka (ABILIFY®, 1999), Gilead (ATRIPLA®, 2004), Pfizer (ELIQUIS®, 2007) and Ono (OPDIVO®, 2014) have produced treatments that have served millions of patients worldwide.

Today, partnering continues to be a critical element in our ability to deliver transformational medicines to patients in areas of high unmet medical need. Below is a sample of our recent collaborations which provide both great scientific and commercial value, and current or potential treatments for the patients we serve.

Recent Select Specialty Partnerships


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Recent Select Immuno-Oncology Partnerships


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