Bristol-Myers Squibb: Our Process
Our Process

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s transaction process seeks to balance speed and accuracy. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about the opportunity and the potential partner while the partner gets to know us as well.

How we work:

We have a highly integrated team. Most opportunities begin with a high level of involvement with our search, evaluation & diligence group, an experienced group of physicians and scientists with strong therapeutic-area knowledge who are able to access internal expertise to help in the early technical evaluation of compounds. Senior management is involved early on in the process to ensure a strong strategic fit.

As discussions progress, our negotiations team will work with a potential partner to develop one of several possible approaches to the partnership -- joint venture, co-development/co-marketing arrangement, co-promotion agreement or discovery, research collaboration, or an acquisition if desired. Our aim is simple: to do what is best for our partners and their capabilities and interests, as well as what is best for the product and the patients we serve.

As the process moves toward execution of an alliance or collaboration, a member of our alliance management team is assigned to ensure continuity after the deal is completed.

In the case of an acquisition, our integration team leads are engaged early on and are fully familiar with the company from the moment negotiations begin.

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Transaction Process

Execution of String of Pearls Strategy

We have consolidated all transactional groups into a unique Strategic Transactions Group that has allowed for streamlined governance process and due diligence for all transactions and enabled rapid decision-making, flexibility and involvement of the most senior level executives.


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