Bristol-Myers Squibb: Ensuring Success through Alliance Management
Ensuring Success through Alliance Management

Our alliance management team focuses on what is best for the asset. Members of this group are experienced business people whose primary role is to “shadow” the development and commercial relationship, build and maintain alignment, and keep the asset moving forward.

Alliance Management oversees partnership governance, which includes representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb and the partner company, to make joint decisions and implement them smoothly and transparently. The Alliance Management group ensures our teams continue to work together productively, quickly and effectively addresses difficult issues, and leads conflict resolution. As a result of Alliance Management’s expertise in this area, other members of the team are free to focus their full attention on their role in implementation or on development, registration, manufacturing and commercialization.

From the moment a partnership begins, we are focused on continuous communication and information sharing to further the collaboration, including routine contact with partners and key stakeholders at Bristol-Myers Squibb, such as the commercial, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing groups. To further strengthen communication, we use technology such as extranet websites for data sharing and exchange.

In short, our process represents an uncompromising commitment to maximizing the value of the asset as well as the relationship.

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Alliance Management Function


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