Bristol-Myers Squibb: R&D Business Operations
R&D Business Operations

The role of the R&D Business Operations group is to improve R&D operational performance and maximize the potential of our pipeline by capturing, analyzing and leveraging business information to provide R&D leaders insights into how they can best bring new medicines to patients.

Business Operations
The R&D Operations division:
  • Provides project management leadership to development teams and governance committees across the Product Development and Commercialization process;
  • Provides effective strategic and operational resource management across the portfolio;
  • Provides asset and portfolio level information as well as strategic and competitive intelligence assessments to inform key R&D decisions;
  • Coordinates and implements productivity and process improvement opportunities across R&D; and
  • Facilitates strategic and pipeline communications to the R&D organization and enables knowledge sharing/collaboration across R&D

R&D Operations recruits professionals with experience in an R&D setting but not necessarily in pharmaceuticals. Leaders with strong project management skills and an analytic mindset, who can integrate disparate sets of data from multiple sources across the organization, synthesize it, and communicate effectively, are highly valued. R&D Operations is interested in people with capabilities and expertise in strategic resource management, performance measures and methods, strategic and competitive intelligence, knowledge sharing and collaboration, clinical procedures and standards, effective communication of scientific information, and continuous improvement.


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