Bristol-Myers Squibb: Pharmaceutical Development
Pharmaceutical Development

The Pharmaceutical Development (PD) organization designs, builds and scales up a process to transform promising molecules synthesized in research labs into medicines that can be mass produced for patient use. We determine how to create the active pharmaceutical ingredient, how to put it in the most suitable dosage form – such as a tablet, capsule or injectable solution – how to test it for purity and how to ensure it consistently delivers safe and effective drug levels.

Pharmaceutical Development

PD plays a critical role in the R&D process by supplying investigational drugs for safety studies and clinical trials – manufacturing, packaging, labeling and distributing supplies for every clinical study that our company runs in more than 50 countries. We also work with the company’s Global Manufacturing & Supply organization in creating a way to manufacture medicines on a mass scale once they are approved.

The work of PD reflects the increasing complexity of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s innovative medicines. The more complex the molecules, the more complex the technology required to make them. The development processes for the company’s expanding biologics portfolio, for example, are considerably different and in ways more complex than traditional pharmaceutical operations.

Through science, engineering and innovation, PD helps Bristol-Myers Squibb fulfill its mission by creating solutions to get promising compounds out of the labs and into the hands of patients with serious diseases.

The Pharmaceutical Development group is looking to fill critical positions for synthetic process chemists, chemical and bio engineers, analytical chemists, pharmacists, biochemists, microbiologists, as well as proven team builders. Those who appreciate the challenge of pursuing unique scientific discovery in an emerging field, and who demonstrate solid operational, interpersonal, project management and collaborative skills, are welcomed.


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