Bristol-Myers Squibb: Corporate Memberships
Corporate Memberships

Bristol-Myers Squibb provides support to national or regional disease-related organizations or medical societies that permit corporate members.

Organizations must benefit the public, in addition to serving member interests. Corporate memberships must be a recognized membership category according to the organization’s bylaws, charter or other guidelines. Exclusive memberships where Bristol-Myers Squibb is the only corporate member are not permitted.

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Corporate membership support may not be tied, in any way, to past, present, or future prescribing, purchasing, or recommending (including formulary recommendations) of any drug. Any evidence that suggests that the Corporate Membership support or request for support is tied, in any way, to past, present, or future prescribing or recommending of any drug will cause the request to be rejected, and the request may not be resubmitted.

Before you start the submission process, please be sure to have the following information available:

1. Federal tax ID number for your organization
2. Organizational information
3. Valid e-mail address
4. Verification of your role within the requesting organization
5. A list of your organization's Board of Directors and executive officers.

Please allow at least eight weeks for the processing of your completed application.


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