Bristol-Myers Squibb: Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards
Fellowships, Scholarships & Awards

Bristol-Myers Squibb provides grants in support of fellowships, scholarships, visiting professorships and non-monetary recognition scientific achievement awards.

Eligible applicants include hospitals, health care facilities, academic medical centers universities, educational institutions for graduate or post-graduate programs in health care-related fields, and professional societies. Requests must come from the organization and not from an individual student, physician, pharmacist or health care professional.

Types of grant awards:

  • Fellowships, scholarships and visiting professorships;
  • Scholarships for health care professionals to attend national medical meetings;
  • Support to recognize academic contributions in science, medicine or patient care. (The recognition must be a non-monetary award).
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  • In all cases, the selection of the individuals who receive awards must be at the sole discretion of the requesting institution. Bristol-Myers Squibb may have no role in the selection process or decision. If an application is approved, payment must be made directly to the requesting organization, not to the individual health care provider(s).
  • As with charitable contributions, a grant for scholarships, fellowships, visiting professorships, or non-monetary recognition of achievement awards may not be tied, in any way, to past, present, or future prescribing, purchasing, or recommending (including formulary recommendations) of any drug. Any evidence that suggests that the grant is tied, in any way, to past, present or future prescribing or recommending of any drug will cause the request to be rejected, and the request may not be resubmitted.

Please allow at least eight weeks for the processing of your completed application. Grants submitted less than eight weeks prior to an event may be rejected.

Before you start the submission process, please be sure to have the following information available:

1. Federal Tax ID number for your organization
2. Organizational Information
3. Event Information
4. Valid E-Mail for communications
5. Verification of your role within requesting Organization
6. Information regarding how the grant will be administered by the organization (competitive nomination/selection process, including criteria, timing and amount of award)


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