Bristol-Myers Squibb: Investments in EHS
Investments in EHS

Bristol-Myers Squibb invests significant financial and human resources to:

  • Invest in EHS infrastructure, such as our new Devens, Massachusetts, biologics manufacturing facility
  • Train our employees
  • Raise the awareness of external stakeholders, including members of the community, academia and government officials
  • Maintain compliance with laws and regulations
  • Implement management systems, programs, and initiatives that support sustainable development
  • Manage environmental remediation (cleanups associated with our past activities or the activities of prior landowners who may be liable but who have created potential liability for us)

The business case for EHS investments is more complex than simply analyzing dollars saved versus dollars spent. Many of the benefits from these investments are not quantifiable, but rather they are priceless, such as the value of preserving biodiversity, conserving natural resources and protecting people's health and safety.


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