Bristol-Myers Squibb: Water Use
Water Use

Bristol-Myers Squibb continues to focus on reducing our water use around the world, with particular focus on our operations in water-stressed areas. We established a Sustainability 2015 Goal of 10 percent reduction in total water use at all our current facilities, from a 2009 baseline year (excluding acquisitions - see footnote on Key Performance Indicators table). Water use has decreased by 10.1 percent through 2014 versus 2009. Water conservation continues to be a challenge as the company expands existing operations.

We are evaluating and implementing projects and conservation practices site by site, by assessing the water usage of various manufacturing procedures, upgrading equipment efficiency, and implementing water recycling programs. Our total water use including acquisitions decreased by 5.2 percent absolute since 2012 and decreased by 1.8 percent when normalized by sales through 2014. Water use data is reported in aggregate and the total operational water use includes groundwater, surface water and municipal water sources. Water quantity data by source type is not collected centrally, however it is monitored site by site.

At our Hopewell campus in New Jersey, we are reusing treated water from our on-site wastewater treatment plant in our cooling towers to offset non-potable needs. In 2014, our on-site wastewater treatment plant generated 4.9 million liters of reclaimed water for a total of 98 million liters since 2004.

We report our water use through the Carbon Disclosure Project's Water Disclosure initiative.


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