Bristol-Myers Squibb: Management Systems
EHS Management Systems

Our environment, health and safety management system builds on the foundation of Our Commitment and our Standards of Business Conduct & Ethics. It provides the structure for implementing proactive sustainable business practices associated with Bristol-Myers Squibb products and operations. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with internal and external requirements, drive continuous improvement, and support the company's strategy to be a next-generation biopharmaceutical leader helping patients prevail in their fight against serious disease. The Bristol-Myers Squibb EHS Management System encompasses the following elements:


Our companywide EHS Management System provides the foundation for effective EHS governance in support of the company business strategy. The EHS Management System helps to ensure compliance with external and internal EHS requirements, identify and manage EHS risks, drive continuous improvement, and support implementation and review of our Corporate Environment, Health & Safety Policy. The EHS Management System is based on facility level EHS programs supported by proactive Business Unit and Corporate EHS functions. There are specific requirements that address each functional level.

Management Leadership & Accountability

We clearly define the actions of corporate, divisional and facility-level managers and EHS professionals to most efficiently meet company and business unit EHS goals, objectives and expectations and comply with EHS regulations. The EHS Steering Committee, in coordination with the VP, Corporate EHS & Sustainability (CEHSS) and BU EHS, establish an effective system to develop policies, directives and guidance. Internal documents include expectations for employees, contractors, suppliers and management. A combination of key performance indicators, EHS metrics and goals are used to drive improvement and results of global EHS performance are published to inform stakeholders of the company’s commitment and progress.

EHS Strategy & Planning

EHS strategic plans are developed and reviewed, to address resource requirements to meet regulatory requirements, capital plans and sustainability goals. Environment, Health and Safety and business management provide the financial and human resources to maintain compliance, support programs, drive innovative leadership initiatives, review capital investments, and maintain and improve staff competencies to carry out their environment, health and safety responsibilities.

EHS Risk Identification & Control

Processes are in place for risk identification, monitoring and mitigation, and incident management related to employee and environmental protection, facilities and assets, products, compliance, reputation, EHS security-related matters, business continuity and communications.

Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness

Plans are established to address emergency preparedness and incident management response in support of EHS and business continuity. We strive to reduce the impact of events and minimize the potential for reoccurrence.

Change Management

Effective systems are in place to address current and emerging regulations and standards, operational changes, global sustainability trends, process safety management, acquisitions and divestitures due diligence, and rapid new business integration to manage potential EHS impacts.

Corrective & Preventive Actions

To drive improvement, we maintain corrective and preventive action systems for action plan development, tracking performance and completion in support of the evaluation/audit program and in response to EHS incidents.

Product Stewardship

A system is maintained to continuously review and improve the environmental impacts and safety of our operations and products.

Supply Chain Partner Management

A system is maintained to identify and resolve supply chain EHS risks, such as regulatory, distribution, hazardous materials transportation and third party manufacturing.

Compliance & Self-Assessment Process

Our company’s audit processes include independent and objective corporate audits of environment, health, safety and transportation compliance, and EHS management systems; and facility self-assessments of compliance and possible need for changes in site procedures.

Continuous Improvement & Learning

We review and update the EHS Policy, EHS Management System, EHS Directives and company programs as appropriate to ensure effectiveness. EHS training and awareness programs are provided to address the EHS Policy, goals, technical and professional subject matter, and the importance of complying with EHS regulatory and company requirements. Employees and contractors working at BMS facilities are educated and trained to conduct their activities safely and in an environmentally-responsible manner. There is a process for employees to report workplace EHS issues and concerns.


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You are leaving to go to the Amylin Job Search and application tool. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This may require a separate login and password than what is used for the Bristol-Myers Squibb search and application process.