Bristol-Myers Squibb: Unmet Medical Needs
Focus on Serious Diseases with Significant Unmet Medical Needs

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s primary focus is to discover and develop innovative, cost-effective medicines that address significant unmet medical needs. To guide our strategy, we engage with scientists, academia, government, and other stakeholders to better understand areas of significant unmet medical needs. In 2013, we invested approximately $3.7 billion on research and development.

To build and sustain a robust pipeline of new medications now and well into the future, Bristol-Myers Squibb scientists work continuously to select the right targets and synthesize the right compounds to help enhance development success rates. The company’s Discovery group feeds a stream of novel compounds into the development pipeline in order to find innovative therapies in areas of significant unmet medical need. Our integration of the best aspects of a biologics and large pharmaceutical company is designed to enhance the prospects of developing treatments for critical disease areas.

Critical Disease Areas

Our R&D focus is on 8 critical disease areas: Immuno-Oncology, Oncology, Immunoscience, Cardiovascular, Virology, Fibrotic Diseases, Exploratory Areas and Metabolics. These 8 areas were selected with an emphasis on where there are opportunities to help patients, where we anticipate future medical need and where there is a match to our core internal expertise and competencies.

Recent Accomplishments

Our R&D team has helped to bring 14 new product approvals in 10 years. This was among the best performances in the industry for the period. More information about our product development pipeline is available on our website.


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