Bristol-Myers Squibb: Management Approach
Management Approach
management approach

Bristol-Myers Squibb has established Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, which provides a summary of the important policies and procedures in conducting the company's business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. Our Law Department, the Internal Audit Department, the Human Resources Department, and the Corporate Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Department monitor company compliance in these standards.

In addition, the company has management systems to address customer health and safety, product labeling, marketing, contractors, suppliers, privacy, direct-to-consumer communications, full prescribing information and boxed warnings for products, product integrity, clinical trials communication and disclosure, and the environmental issues and impacts associated with product use and disposal.

The most senior position with operational responsibility for labor and human rights aspects is Giovanni Caforio, chief executive officer.

The most senior position within the company with compliance and ethics responsibilities is Anne Nielsen, vice president, chief compliance and ethics officer. Nielson reports to the chief executive officer, Giovanni Caforio.

Additional Information

Information on the company's key successes and challenges are included in discussions throughout the Social Progress section of this website.


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