Bristol-Myers Squibb: Workplace Policies
Workplace Policies
workplace policies
Strategy and Management

Every year, key managers and executives are required to certify that they have read, understand, are in compliance with, and will continue to comply with our Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics.


Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to compliance with all laws regarding child labor, forced labor and freedom of association. We will not tolerate practices that violate the intent of our Mission and Commitment. None of our operations have been identified as having significant risk for incidents of child labor or forced labor.

Privacy Protection

Bristol-Myers Squibb has adopted a formal policy on privacy. Compliance with data privacy laws on a global basis is an essential business practice for Bristol-Myers Squibb. We have the responsibility to protect and respect personal information. All Bristol-Myers Squibb employees must comply with the highest standards of data privacy protection consistent with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they operate.


The basis for our security efforts is to protect our employees, our operations and our intellectual property. Security personnel receive training to ensure compliance with legal requirements and respect for human rights. We incorporate security and human rights in our assessment of countries when determining where to locate operating facilities.

Suppliers and Contractors

Bristol-Myers Squibb works with contractors and suppliers. We attempt to ensure the highest level of quality, expertise, experience and fit with our operating culture. We expect our contractors and suppliers to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for the workplace, including health and safety, diversity and human rights. The performance of key suppliers is monitored regularly. More information on suppliers is available here.

Employee Grievance Procedures

Our employees are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business. The Office of Corporate Conduct is a resource for any employee wishing to report suspected instances of improper conduct within the company or to ask questions. Employees may contact the office anonymously or by identifying themselves with the assurance that their identity will be kept confidential. We regularly promote awareness of this resource to employees.


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