Bristol-Myers Squibb: Dialogue

Bristol-Myers Squibb has a long tradition of open communication and cooperation on environmental, social and economic issues. We invite questions and comments and pursue opportunities to partner with non-profit organizations, and other environmental groups.

We actively seek dialogue with our customers, investors, employees, shareholders and community members to discuss sustainability issues facing our company and the health care industry, and to review the actions we are taking on the social, environmental and economic fronts, including:

  • Expectations from the investment community, non-profit organizations, governments, and academia
  • Feedback from customers on product and company performance
  • Suggestions from suppliers on opportunities to improve productivity
  • Input from employees
  • Opportunities for collaboration with local community organizations and governments
  • Community feedback on facility operations and emergency response procedures
  • Best practices from other companies

We also foster communications and dialogue with our employees through a variety of initiatives, including functional and cross-functional committees, state-of-the-business addresses, an intranet, and publications. We encourage our employees to take an active part in sharing with others our company’s expectations and vision for sustainability.

Bristol-Myers Squibb participates on several multi-stakeholder panels in public meetings. Sitting side-by-side with representatives of government, academia and industry, we discuss emerging issues, including climate change, sustainability reporting; environmental, health, safety and social metrics; and product life cycle management. Meetings such as these help to further the understanding of commonly shared challenges. The company also participates in voluntary initiatives with regulatory authorities.

During the reporting period issues raised related to sustainability have included areas such as climate change, executive compensation disclosure, bioethics, disclosure on political giving, animal welfare and packaging.

Use of Information

We consider information resulting from stakeholder engagements in assessing our company’s sustainability performance and strategy, determining the scope and content of information shared with the public, and shaping the company's programs and actions.

Regarding our approach to stakeholders, we engage with more than a dozen socially responsible investment firms and NGOs on sustainability issues. As part of the Sustainability Report preparation process, we engage and benchmark with organizations on recommended improvements for the Bristol-Myers Squibb web based report. Many common areas identified were added to the report.


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