Bristol-Myers Squibb: Feedback on Sustainability Website
Feedback on Sustainability

We welcome your comments, questions and feedback to help guide the development of our programs, our reporting efforts, and our sustainability website. To provide any feedback, email us at

This site is not intended for the reporting of side effects associated with the use of prescription drugs. If you, or someone you know, have possibly experienced a side effect while taking a Bristol-Myers Squibb product, please contact us at 800-321-1335 (toll free US only).

We are especially interested in your feedback on the following:

  • What brought you to this website?
  • What sustainability topics should be expanded or added to this website?
  • What should be shortened or removed?
  • How can we improve the content of this website, in particular the highlights and sustainability issues sections?
  • How can we improve the design and user-friendliness of this website?
Summary of Comments

Bristol-Myers Squibb received feedback from a small number of users. Among these comments, the specific sustainability topics of greatest interest included:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Social issues
  • Environmental, social, and economic indicators and performance
  • How we communicate the company's position on sustainability
  • Details on employee training

Stakeholders recommended that we include more information on this website on the following sustainability topics:

  • Progress in meeting goals
  • Social parameters
  • Material use
  • Supply chain
  • Product life cycle
  • Employee training
  • Programs to support sustainability in each of the countries in which we do business
  • Preventing injuries and ensuring the safety of employees

We now provide expanded coverage of our progress in meeting the 2015 Sustainability Goals and are working to include more information on all of these topics in future updates.


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