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What inspires you to breathe? This Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve asked those living with and touched by this disease to share what encourages them and honor those who help them to keep breathing every day. From strong support networks to personalized care plans to being there for important life moments, we all have different sources of motivation. Share yours using #ImBreathingBecause today.

Personal Perspectives

Larry's Story

Larry, who is living with lung cancer, shares his story and gives thanks to those who have inspired and supported him along the way.
I'm breathing because I want to see my family live their life to the fullest. I want to see my friends do well … and I want to be around as long as I can to be part of it.

Thank Your #ImBreathingBecause Hero

Join us in expressing gratitude to those who have cared for and supported those struck by this devastating disease. In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, download the image below and post it on your social media with our #ImBreathingBecause hashtag to thank someone that has inspired you to keep breathing. 
ImBreathingBecasue - Thank You Card


Lung Cancer By The Numbers

Lung Cancer by the Numbers 

Other Resources

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The material on this website is intended only to be informational, inspirational, or educational. It is not intended to be viewed as medical advice. The ultimate responsibility for patient care resides between a patient and his/her healthcare professional. The use of #ImBreathingBecause is intended to share inspirational stories or give thanks to those who are touched by lung cancer. Please do not share information related to specific treatments for cancer types or mention any therapies by name, give medical advice, or share personal information unless you have the individual’s consent to do so in conjunction with this hashtag.

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