One Vision Mosaic

Please submit an inspirational photo to help create One Vision of Bristol Myers Squibb. Feel free to add in as many photos as you'd like.

Deadline to submit images for the final mosaic is Friday, October 30, 2020.

Please note: In order to successfully add a photo into the mosaic, you must sign the following consent form and agree to the external use of your image submission on

Photo Checklist and Submission Guidelines

All employees and contractors with a BMS email can take part in the One Vision Mosaic project and help tell of our story by submitting a photo today.

Photo submissions should adhere to the below checklist and submission guidelines for inclusion in the mosaic. Photos that do not adhere to the below guidelines will not be included.

  • Employees may submit up to 10 photos for inclusion in the One Vision Mosaic
  • All photo submissions require the following:
    • Photo Release Consent
    • Photo Caption

Photo Images

  1. Photo subjects must be of the individual submitting the photo and/or their family members, an object or scene of inspiration.
  2. Photos must not be considered unlawful, offensive, immoral, violent or a safety risk to others.
  3. Photos must not violate or misuse copyright, intellectual property rights or the brands belonging to the Company or third parties.
  4. Photos must not promote Company products or disparage the products of competitors.

Photo Captions

  1. Photo submissions must include a caption; captions may not exceed 175 characters.
  2. Photo captions can be submitted in any language.
  3. Captions should contain no spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.