Agen, France Distribution Centers

(La Plaine & Gaussens)

Facts and Figures

  • La Plaine Distribution Center distributes domestic products for Bristol-Myers Squibb and UPSA Pharmaceuticals.
  • La Plaine Distribution Center is in charge of shipping product for 65% of the domestic market.
  • La Plaine Distribution Center has 14,000 square meters of warehouse space and can store 12,500 pallets of product.
  • Gaussens Distribution Center distributes UPSA products for the export market.
  • Gaussens Distribution Center has 5,800 square meters of warehousing space and can store 6,500 pallets of product.


Economic Development

Capital investment: La Plaine & Gaussens Distribution Centers:
2009 189K €
2010 29K €
2011 231K €

Environmental Performance

  • The facility has introduced a program for collecting the plastic corks from bottles of soda, water, and milk. The corks are given to an organization that collects recyclable plastic corks and sells them to a recycling company. The organization uses these funds to buy wheelchairs for disabled people, to help young people in trouble and to contribute to humanitarian operations abroad. From 2009 to 2011 La Plaine & Gaussens Distribution Centers have collected 244 kilograms of plastic corks.
  • Earth day activity in 2011 was the creation and distribution of a mug with the “Go Green” logo. The objective was to limit use of plastic cups.
  • Waste management: The sites have set up an organization to sort waste directly at the work place. It permits recycling 85% of the non-pharmaceutical waste produced on site.
  • Carbon assessment: At the end of 2010: 26 grams equivalent CO2 per box sent.


Key Facility Environmental Performance Metrics 2012
Total Energy Use 10,000 gigajoules
Water use 1,300,000 liters

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