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Production Site in Agen, France

Guyenne Plant

Guyenne Plant

Facts and Figures

Bristol-Myers Squibb Agen - dedicated to UPSA products - is comprised of two manufacturing and packing facilities (Gascogne and Guyenne), two distribution centers (Gaussens and La Plaine) and an insert printing workshop. 


  • The Gascogne facility contains 40,000 square meters of buildings on a site of 13 hectares.
  • The Guyenne site contains 11,000 square meters on a site of 1.16 hectares.
  • Total number of employees: 1,300 

Types of production

  • The Gascogne plant is dedicated to the production and packaging of dry forms, mostly effervescent tablets and sachets. 
  • The Guyenne plant is dedicated to the production and packaging of tablets, ointments, syrups, capsules, and suppositories. 
  • Agen (Gascogne and Guyenne) represent Bristol-Myers Squibb’s largest worldwide production in volume. In 2017, Agen manufactured 332 million finished packs.

Economic Development

  • 334M€ were invested since 1995 (averaging approximately 15 m€ per year)

Community and Social Progress

Social policy provides cohesion within the Agen sites. Key to our success is employee commitment and a culture based on respect. Agen promotes diversity and support of those with disabilities. We encourage inclusion and respect for how individual differences contribute to our collective performance. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our differences. And as a top management priority, diversity allows us to forge powerful collaborations. We are particularly committed to advancing disabled people in the workplace. Agen has demonstrated a constant effort with its employees and real support throughout their professional careers.

At the same time, we encourage a high level of social dialogue and equal opportunity. In all departments and facilities our policy is to provide employees with a healthy, safe and motivating working environment.

Environmental Performance

Electric Use 2015 - 2017
2017 33 561 402 kWh (variation 2015 : -3.7%; variation 2016 : +0.8%)
2016 33 284 620 kWh
2015 34 864 942 kWh
Gas Use 2015 - 2017
2017 26 841 739 kWh (variation 2015 : -3.1%; variation 2016 : +2.9%)
2016 26 080 706 kWh
2015 27 692 562 kWh
Water Use 2015 - 2017
2017 74133 m3 (variation 2015 : -19.1%; variation 2016 : -11.3%
2016 83563 m3
2015 91640 m3

Facility Contact Information

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