Aichi, Japan

Aichi, Japan

Facts and Figures


  • The Aichi plant is approximately 12,170 square meters on a total site area of 23,520 square meters (5.8 acres).
  • The facility is mainly the site for primary and secondary packaging of hormone preparations, epidermal products, oncological products, antibiotic products, and antiviral products.
  • Products are distributed only for the domestic Japanese market.
  • Renovation of primary packaging of ODS and all secondary packaging areas in Building #2.

Economic Development

Capital Investment 2009-2011
2009 $848k
2010 $531k
2011 $319k

Community and Social Progress

Employee volunteering, 2009-11

  • Employees donate blood to the Japan Red Cross Organization, semiannually.
  • Employees participate in local clean-up activities in June as Environment month in Japan.
  • Employees participate in Kota Town flower-planting activities in December.

Civic activities supported

  • Key stakeholders are identified in the local community; efforts made to engage with them and address key issues identified by them.
  • The Silver Human Resources Center, which offers working opportunities to elderly people, works on the garden of the Aichi Plant three or more times a year.

Safety enhancements

  • Monthly Safety & Health Committee meetings
  • Safety & Health Self-Inspection Program
  • Near-miss Incidents / Accident Communication
  • Safe Drive Check
  • Safety Risk Assessment Program

Awards and recognition

  • In 2010, the Aichi plant received the gold award from the Japan Red Cross Organization in recognition of years of dedication of blood donation.
  • The Aichi plant received the 2011 Safety Management Award for its handling of hazardous materials.

Support to local emergency response organizations.

  • Several Aichi employees belong to the local volunteer fire brigade. They are also members of the Aichi plant firefighting team and train other employees.
  • An Aichi representative is a member of the board meeting of the Safety Association for Hazardous Materials in Kota town. The Safety Association addresses the safety issues in collaboration with the fire department in Kota town. The representative also takes part in a large-scale emergency drill in Kota town every September.

Environmental Performance Data and Highlights

Sustainability 2015 goals

2011 results
  • Consumption
    • Total Energy Use: 38% reduction from 2009 baseline operating result
    • Water Use: 61.5% reduction from 2009 baseline operating result
  • Air Emissions Management
    • Carbon Dioxide: 42.2% reduction from 2009 baseline operating result
  • In 2010, Aichi plant has launched the Sustainability 2015 Goal project team, to support achievement of the following targets:
    • Water: 10% reduction absolute from 2009 baseline operating results
    • Energy: 15% reduction absolute from 2009 baseline operating results
    • Greenhouse Gases: 15% reduction in GHG emissions from 2009 baseline operating results
  • Aichi plant has launched the project team for waste recycling in 2012, to support achievement of the following targets:
    • Recycle rate: 100% by 2015 (exception to medical products and hazardous wastes)
  • Land conservation / endangered species activities
    • Employees and their families participated in annual efforts to clean up the beach for the Protection of Loggerhead Sea Turtles.
    • Employees joined in a tree-planting campaign at the Aichi plant in April to celebrate Earth Day.
Key Facility Environmental Performance Metrics 2012
Total Energy Use 11,000 gigajoules
Water Use 11,000,000 liters

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