Humacao, Puerto Rico

Humacao, Puerto Rico

Facts and Figures

  • The site started operations in 1970. Major product categories include:
    • Cardiovascular
    • Anti-infectives
    • Central Nervous System
    • Antidiabetes
    • Dermatological

Community and Social Progress

  • The site sponsors an academic workshop on environmental topics, open houses, radio messages on environmental conservation, participation in community fairs and technical seminars. The site has received recognition by government, academic and public organizations for the company's Environmental Health & Safety efforts. Program highlights include:
    • Two schools adopted, High School Ana Roque and Elementary School Villa Humacao
    • Under theĀ "Science for All" educational program the site sponsors summer research internships, hands-on inquiry science education training and science fairs
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb provides support to the Natural Reserve of Humacao to help maintain and preserve the habitat for numerous aquatic species, many of them endangered
    • Reforestation of adjacent areas near the facility
    • Adopt a Road projects
    • A continuous innovation team has been instituted to implement processes and procedures to bring the emergency response team to an "Excellence Level of Performance" in the mitigation of catastrophic events.
  • To further improve the site's safety performance, the following programs have been strengthened:
    • Accident and incident investigation
    • EHS training
    • EHS facility self assessment
    • EHS inspection
    • Behavioral accident prevention process

Environmental Performance and Awards

  • The Puerto Rico Engineers and Surveyors Association, as well as its Humacao Region, have both conferred upon the Bristol-Myers Squibb Humacao site the Outstanding Achievement Award in Civil Engineering for the facility's storm water management enhancement project. As a result of its innovative design and implementation, the project recycles storm water, controls runoff, and relieves flooding in surrounding residential communities and main thoroughfares.
  • Since 1994 Humacao has been recognized annually for its strict compliance with its wastewater treatment plant operation permits by the Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Water Authority.
  • The site's waste water treatment plant has been cited as one of the "Best" by the Puerto Rico Environmental Association.
  • For two consecutive years, G.C. Reciclaje, Inc. recognized the site for its extraordinary successful effort in implementing a recycling program with the GOLDEN COQUI AWARD.
  • The municipal government of Humacao awarded the CACIQUE JUMACAO AWARD in recognition as one of the best industries in regards to recycling programs.

This facility is required to report annually on releases of toxic chemicals to the air, water, and land under Section 313 of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act. This website contains links to the U.S. government's toxic release inventory database.

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