Swords, Ireland

Swords, Ireland

Swords Laboratories

  • Established in 1964, Swords Laboratories was one of the first bulk API Manufacturing Facilities to be established in Ireland.
  • It is a flexible, multi-purpose, high-containment manufacturing Facility. It comprises several Manufacturing Plants and functions to support our operations such as Manufacturing, Quality Control and Assurance, Manufacturing Science and Technology, Engineering, Supply Chain.
  • The site is also home to our Administration, Commercial, Medical and Treasury teams in Ireland.

Facts and Figures

  • The facility is situated on 17 acres in Swords.
  • The facility manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients for a range of medicines including cardiovascular, diabetes, HIV, antiviral and cancer drugs.

Economic Development

  • Since the Swords plant is over 45 years old, Bristol-Myers Squibb regularly invests in upgrading the manufacturing plants and support facilities on the site. The most recent large investment, which was completed in 2010, was the installation of a new fire control system consisting of firewater supply and retention tanks, new firewater delivery pumps and sprinklers in all the previously un-sprinklered areas of the site.
  • The facility directly contributes to the local economy through employee wages and benefits.

Community and Social Progress

  • Swords Laboratories continuously strives to be a good neighbor and meets at least annually with groups of local residents. These meetings are used to share information regarding environmental performance, current and planned projects and are an opportunity to listen to any concerns residents may have.
  • Local residents are also contacted throughout the year should there be any event planned that the company feels may impact the local community (e.g. holding exercises with the local fire brigade units), so as to prevent any concern by our neighbors.
  • Swords Laboratories operates a safety management system that strives to continuously improve how safety issues are addressed onsite.
  • The site has been the recipient of a safety award from the National Irish Safety Organisation every year since 2005. In 2009-11, the site was awarded the National Platinum Award.

Environmental Performance

  • Swords Laboratories is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency, which requires the facility to operate stringent systems and controls to manage environmental compliance. The Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control license also sets strict emission limits, which are verified by the EPA. The agency takes samples and also performs unannounced audits of the facility at least twice a year.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland was awarded the Responsible Care Award in 2007 and 2010 for its Energy Management system.
  • Preservation of our natural resources is one of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s key commitments. Both our Swords and Cruiserath facilities are operating to the new European Energy Management standard EN 16001, which entails a systematic approach to sustainable energy efficiency.
  • The sites are committed to energy and carbon emissions reduction. Each site has a dedicated energy team lead by a full-time energy manager. The reduction of energy is a core objective for both sites and receives the full support of senior management. This has helped identify opportunities and sustain continuous improvement initiatives. 7% energy savings were achieved in 2012 vs 2009 for a total reduction of 27% since 2005.
  • In addition to training & awareness initiatives, the key energy saving "projects” implemented were:
    • Installation of Variable speed Drives with Multiple motors rated from 11 kw to 315 kw.
    • Reducing HVAC air change rates and HVAC step downs out of hours.
    • Single ending site transformers.
    • Switching standby gas boilers to “cold” standby.
    • Installing burner modifications with savings in the order of 6 – 9 million Kwh.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland’s Carbon footprint has been reduced by over 12,000 metric tons, and we continue to pursue innovative ways to further reduce our energy use.

Responsible Environmental Management

  • Swords Laboratories uses best practices in the areas of safety, waste minimisation and environmental protection. In recent years the company has made ongoing significant investment in the areas of wastewater treatment, air emission control and environmental monitoring and safety systems.
  • The company is continually looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact by substituting chemicals, reducing waste at source and implementing recycling projects.
  • Swords Laboratories takes significant care to minimize its environmental footprint and implements an “Eliminate, Reuse, Recycle” approach to waste management.
  • Most paper, cardboard, glass, metals, and plastics used at the facility are recycled - in 2011 in excess of 200 metric tons of waste were recycled.
  • Solvents and some liquids are recovered and reused in the processes, where it is economically and energy efficient to do so. In 2011, the rate of liquid waste recovery increased from 27% in 2010 to 37%.
  • Where not feasible to reuse or recover, some waste streams are used to recover energy.
  • Swords Laboratories operates to the international voluntary standard on Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, since early 1998. The maintenance of this standard, via external independent audits, demonstrates commitment to continuously improving the company's environmental performance.

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