Clinical and Investigator-sponsored Trial Information

Looking for a matching trial for your patient? We have summarized all BMS clinical studies currently in start-up or recruiting in Switzerland below.

Gastroenterology Studies, Recruitment ongoing *

YELLOWSTONE / RPC01-3201 and RPC01-3202 / Morbus Crohn


Investigator sponsored trials

Bristol Myers Squibb is seeking independent research applications across all indications. Within our Areas of Interest, we may outline specific criteria & therapeutic areas but may not include specific details.  Concept applications submitted that best align with our interest will be considered & evaluated.  

Our Competitive Research Grant process defines specific criteria that must be met for your application to be considered. The window for submission will close at a pre­-defined time point.  Concept applications that best align with our posted requirements will be considered, evaluated and compared against all other submissions during the open period prior to final determination of award.

* Last update Q3 / 2022

Reference: (2022)

10/2022 IMM-CH-2200034