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Data Protection Request

This form is intended for submitting a Data Subject Rights request under Brazil General Data Protection Law. It is not intended for the reporting of side effects or product complaints associated with the use of prescription drugs. If you, or someone you know, have possibly experienced a side effect or have a product complaint while taking a Bristol-Myers Squibb product, please contact us using the numbers provided at

Please provide the information requested below to the best of your ability. We may use this information for identification and verification of your records in our systems (depending on the nature of your request). For this reason, it is recommended that you provide the contact information that we are most likely to have on file to help us confirm your identity and fulfill your request.

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If you are unable to provide the information in the Required fields above, you will be unable to submit your request through this form. Kindly refer to the Privacy Policy to identify alternate channels to submit a Data Protection/Privacy request

Please describe your consumer rights request, including as much specific information about your request as possible. Please provide us any details about your relationship with BMS, that may help us identify or verify you in our systems such as time period(s), identification numbers or enrollment details, etc.