Interview with Trine – a C2C4C 2019 participant


Can you tell me your sister’s story – her diagnosis and how she is doing?

In October 2017, my sister discovered a growth in her right breast. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and was enrolled in the “cancer package/fast-track cancer patient pathway”-program that has existed in Denmark since 2016. She went through two surgeries – she started chemotherapy and got radiation afterwards. The first part of chemotherapy was hard on her as she suffered a lot from nausea. Furthermore, she got a bad infection and therefore needed to stay at the hospital for a while. The second part was less hard, and the program went quite well. 

In this cancer package, the Danish hospitals offer re-education and training together with group therapy. She ended her treatments in February 2019 and in June this year, she completed the first scan and mammography control which showed no signs of cancer. This was great news, and she is currently doing well. The cancer type she had is not inherited – which is very positive for her siblings and her daughter.

What three words would you use to describe your sister? 

My sister is patient, dedicated, and a very caring person. She is also a fighter, and she has a positive mind-set. She always thinks of others before herself and tries to make life easier for the people around her.  

How have you handled her diagnosis?

Until my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I was very lucky not to have experienced any severe illnesses among my closest family and friends. I am/was of course very touched by her diagnosis and illness, and you always imagine the worst scenarios. Luckily, the prognosis for breast cancer discovered at an early stage is good, and the healthcare system here in Denmark is handling it very well. I, together with the rest of our family, and my sister’s friends, have tried to support her in the best way during the whole process, and I think that we all try to appreciate and enjoy our daily lives and good health even more now. 

How has this event changed your look at the work of BMS and your role in the company? 

I don’t know if my sister’s disease has changed my way of looking at the work we do in BMS – I always thought that what we do makes sense because it helps patients prevail. I am happy to go to work every morning and proud of the work we do. 

How does your sister continue to find ways to thrive despite having been touched by the disease? 

During her illness and the treatment period, my sister always kept faith in being cured through treatment. Being able to return to her daily life with family and friends is how she slowly recovers and it keeps her going. 

Do you have a message for BMS employees?

Keep on the good work you do every day!

Have you participated in the C2C4C-ride any prior years? 

No, this is my first time, and I am really looking forward to the ride itself, but I am also enjoying the training. It has been a challenge to bike on a racer bike with clipless pedals (I have never tried that before!) and to build up the shape needed to complete the race. 

I highly appreciate the energy and the dedicated involvement we (the Danish/Nordic riders) have - both regarding the race but also regarding other fundraising projects and events, we are planning together with the charity organizations, we support!