Meet Our People - Eleanor Thornton

Graduate Programme, 2019 Intake

What was your undergraduate degree, did you undertake a postgraduate?

Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, UCD, BE & ME

Did you always know you wanted a career in Pharma?

Not always, I enjoyed science and maths in school and then decided from that to study engineering. In college I got to try out some pharma engineering classes and completed a placement in a pharma company.

Eleanor Thornton

Why did you apply for a graduate programme?

I wanted to try out different roles and understand more about the industry, life on a site and see from this experience what really appealed to me. It’s a good opportunity to experience various roles you might not otherwise get the chance to try by going straight into a job.

How does Bristol Myers Squibb make you feel about the impact of the work you contribute in helping patients prevail over serious illnesses?

I think that Bristol Myers Squibb really emphasises the impact that we make both on a global and personal level. There is a constant reminder that what you do is important, for example there are posters on the walls with different patient stories. Sometimes it can be hard to visualise what you’re doing on a day to day basis impacts patients but these posters, alongside other initiatives such as Patient Week make it easy to see the impact that you’re making.

How has the graduate programme prepared you for the workforce?

I feel that I’ve learned a huge amount. It’s given me a great introduction into several areas in the industry and company. The skills and experience you gain on the graduate programme really set you up for a future role.

What is the most unique aspect about the graduate programme?

I think the best aspect of the programme is the flexibility that comes with it. You dictate the path you follow and can determine where you go next. The support you get from the coordinators/your team/ the whole site is second to none, everyone is very approachable for anything that you might need.

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