Current Internship & Co-Op Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Bristol-Myers Squibb. We have received your application and are excited to share the following confirmed opportunities for this Spring & Summer.  Please follow the process below and submit your application for the specific opportunities below located in the North America region.

To be considered for these positions, candidates must be currently enrolled in an accredited university program seeking a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA degree, or Ph.D. with a 3.0 GPA.

Opportunity Title Location Position Link
Analytical Methods Intern Hopewell, NJ
Manufacturing Sciences and Technology Intern   Devens, MA
Impurity Methods Co-Op Hopewell, NJ
COE Biologics Characterization Intern   Hopewell, NJ  
Upstream Process Development Biologics Intern   Hopewell, NJ  
Molecular Analytics & Biology Intern   Hopewell, NJ  
IT Intern Program - Class of 2018   Lawrenceville, NJ  
Global Supply Chain Co-Op:  July 2018 - December 2018   New Brunswick, NJ  
Corporate Affairs Intern   Lawrenceville, NJ  
Product Development (PD) Summer Intern Development Program (2018)   New Brunswick, NJ  
Resource Modeling Co-Op   Devens, MA  
Associate Scientist/Research Assistant Co-Op   Devens, MA  
2018 PD Upstream Fall Co-Op   Devens, MA  
Process Development Analytics Intern   Devens, MA  
Process Automation Co-Op   Devens, MA  
Method Development Intern   Devens, MA  
Operational Excellence Co-Op   Devens, MA  
Quality Assurance Co-Op   Devens, MA  
GBS Intern   Lawrenceville, NJ  
ZymoGenetics - Analytics and Characterization Intern   Seattle, WA  
ZymoGenetics - Upstream Process Development Intern   Seattle, WA  
ZymoGenetics - Lab Services Intern   Seattle, WA  
Global Energy Services Intern   Hopewell, NJ  
ZymoGenetics - Downstream PD And Process Analytics Intern   Seattle, WA  
Marketing/Communications Intern   Tampa, FL  
Upstream Process Development Intern   Devens, MA  
Records Management & Training Co-Op   Devens, MA  
Downstream Co-Op, Manufacturing Science and Technology   Syracuse, NY  
Upstream Co-Op, Manufacturing Science and Technology   Syracuse, NY  
Upstream Co-Op, Manufacturing Science and Technology   Syracuse, NY  
Global Engineering Intern   Hopewell, NJ
Independent Medical Education Intern   Princeton Pike, NJ  
Global Engineering Intern - Equipment Cost Analyst   Hopewell, NJ  
Publications & Scientific Content Intern/Medical Capabilities   Princeton Pike, NJ  
2018 Intern/Co-Op Supporting Medical Capabilities   Princeton Pike, NJ  
Global Procurement: Sourcing Excellence Professional Co-Op 2018   Tampa, FL  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-Single Cell Sequencing Analyses (94130)   Lawrenceville, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-NGS and Proteomics (94132)   Hopewell, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-NGS – Whole Exome, RNAseq (94133)   Hopewell, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-Digital Pathology (94134)   Lawrenceville, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-NGS-94135   Hopewell, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-Data Science-94136   Hopewell, NJ  
Translational Bioinformatics Intern-94137   Lawrenceville, NJ  
SDS Electronic Database for QC Reagents Humacao, Puerto Rico
Engineering Controls – Drum Handling Activities Humacao, Puerto Rico
Engineering Controls – Secondary Containment Inspections Humacao, Puerto Rico
Process Analytical Technology Global Integration Humacao, Puerto Rico
Apixaban and Dapa MetXR Robustness Improvement Humacao, Puerto Rico
Oil Standardization Program Humacao, Puerto Rico
VMI Programs Improvements Humacao, Puerto Rico
B41 Material Flow/ 5s Humacao, Puerto Rico
B6 Cleaning Forms Improvements and Standardization Humacao, Puerto Rico
5S Implementation through Manufacturing Building 6 Humacao, Puerto Rico
Development of OSI PI Process Book Models Manati, Puerto Rico
Calibration Optimization Project Manati, Puerto Rico
Auto injector assembly/packaging line improvements Manati, Puerto Rico
Microbiology Method Transfer Manati, Puerto Rico
MT Yield and Continuous Improvement Project Manati, Puerto Rico
Microbiology Capacity Tool & Simplification Manati, Puerto Rico
Optimization of Cleaning Process of Depyrogenation Tunnel Belt at PVA. Manati, Puerto Rico
Validation Periodic Assessment acceleration Plan Manati, Puerto Rico
Advance sample process Improvement Manati, Puerto Rico
Budget Process Closing and SAP Data Loading Analysis Manati, Puerto Rico