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BMS at ASCO 2020

Pursuing diverse scientific approaches with the potential to improve outcomes for patients with cancer at the virtual American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, May 29-31

While this year’s ASCO falls during an unparalleled time, we look forward to joining the oncology community virtually and sharing findings across a wide range of cancers and research platforms. At Bristol Myers Squibb, we are inspired to do our part by the healthcare professionals on the frontlines, and we are reminded of the strength there is in science. 

A Message from Our CEO 

Working together, we will deliver on our promise of transforming patients’ lives through science.

Daily Updates from ASCO 2020

Find out what you need to know each day about our ASCO 2020 data presentations.

Data in Focus, Day 3: Lung Cancer & Melanoma 

Data in Focus, Day 2: Hematology

Data in Focus, Day 1: Cell Therapy

Learn About Our Science

Every day, we focus on advancing science to better support oncology patients and doctors. Learn about our ongoing developments and scientific heritage in oncology:

Discovering Our Pipeline

What pathways are we researching in oncology and hematology?

Protein Homeostasis 101

Hear from chemist Josh Hansen on the important science being done in the protein homeostasis lab, and how it may have an impact for patients who need it most.

All About Cell Therapy

Discover how cell therapies are unlocking new potential in cancer research.

Approaching Lung Cancer from Different Angles 

The needs of patients with lung cancer are unique, which is why we’re exploring a variety of treatment approaches. Learn more from BMS’ thoracic cancers development lead, Sabine Maier, M.D.

Advancing Cancer Research

Explore a timeline of developments in oncology and hematology.

Building on Today’s Science to Research Medicines of Tomorrow

See how researchers solve unmet needs in cancer research by innovating novel approaches.

Meet Samit Hirawat

Get to know Bristol Myers Squibb’s Chief Medical Officer

Supporting the Oncology Community Before, During and After COVID-19

We are inspired to do our part by oncologists and the entire medical community because of the work they do each day during these difficult times.


Explore stats and facts about the areas of oncology and hematology where we are presenting new research during ASCO:

Protein Degradation Fact Sheet

Understand the process of cellular protein degradation.

Cell Therapy Fact Sheet

Read about the science of cell therapy and cutting-edge research.