Pulse FAQ

What is Pulse?

Who should use Pulse?

How can I access Pulse?

How can I download the Pulse app?

Is using Pulse voluntary?

Can I use Pulse during work hours?

Will I get compensated for the data I use on Pulse?

Can I submit information that I feel is newsworthy through Pulse?

Will downloading Pulse give BMS access to my personal information and data on my phone? 

Do I have to enable push notifications?

Can I connect to other company tools and links through Pulse?

What will happen to BMS360?

What will happen to LinkedIn Elevate?

Will we still use SharePoint?

What languages can be translated?

How is Pulse different from myBMS?

Do I need to be logged into VPN for White Pages?

What is Social Chorus?

Where can I find help using Pulse?

Where can I read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Pilot Q&A

Who is included in the Pilot?

How long will the Pilot last?

Will the content on BMS360 and Pulse be the same during the pilot period?

When will markets, BUs and PBRGs, as well as other new channels be available on Pulse?

Will I be able to transfer BMS360 Bookmarks over to Pulse?

If we add bookmarks to our pilot app/profile, will they carryover when it launches to the rest of BMS?