Featured Researcher: Michael (Mike) Hausladen - Bristol Myers Squibb

Michael (Mike) Hausladen

Michael (Mike) Hausladen, PhD

Senior Director, Devens Cell Therapy Facility Program Lead

Devens, Massachusetts


Mike Hausladen, PhD, is a senior director and program lead at Bristol Myers Squibb’s cell therapy facility in Devens, Massachusetts. He helped lead the launch of the 244,000 square foot facility, growing the team from just four to more than 200 employees in 2021. Devens’ cell therapy facility is one of the company’s state-of-the-art biologics manufacturing facilities, with cutting-edge technologies and highly trained manufacturing teams. In his role, Mike is charged with starting up the new cell therapy manufacturing facility. 


Mike established the culture and organizational structure of the facility and hired the leadership team. The Devens facility produces transformative CAR T cell therapies individually developed from a patient’s cells for those with aggressive hematological cancers. Mike partnered with other Bristol Myers Squibb manufacturing sites to train staff. He also led the implementation of a fully digital plant to enable short turnaround times for autologous products.


Since joining Bristol Myers Squibb in 2001, Mike has demonstrated leadership in internal and outsourced manufacturing, facility startup and capital projects, technical transfer, technical support, process improvement and process development. In his tenure, Mike has supported clinical development efforts, managed manufacturing support for pharmaceutical biologic production, managed worldwide external manufacturing for Clinical Biologics Drug Substance and led the startup and opening of Devens’ cell therapy facility. Prior to joining the company, Mike held positions at Moore Corporation and Occidental Chemical Cooperation.


Mike obtained his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of New York at Buffalo.

Interests and Expertise

Mike is an active member of his church, enjoys riding, building and repairing bicycles and commutes regularly to work via bike year-round, and likes doing home improvement projects around the house and yard as well.