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Manager, SOA, is an internal consulting role. Our team members are expected to lead/facilitate product development teams and appropriate matrix representatives in identifying compelling development strategies for further analysis.  They are responsible for financial analysis of the development options and using that analysis to provide insights into the tradeoffs among the options, with the goal of enabling value-driven R&D decisions. They are responsible for clearly communicating their findings to development teams and to senior management. 

They also act as integrators of other analytic services, helping development teams ensure that they make the most of BMS’s full set of analytic capabilities – not just those of SOA. For this role, they need to quickly come up to speed on other teams’ capabilities and how to identify when those teams should be brought in to help our development teams make recommendations that serve BMS and out patients.

They are expected to develop commercial and development expertise sufficient to allow them to both support and challenge development teams.  They quantify technical and regulatory risks, and integrate their assessments with projections of commercial revenues, and costs, in order to value R&D investments for portfolio planning. They also provide support for evaluation of licensing and business development opportunities within their therapeutic area, and provide support as needed for cross therapeutic area portfolio reviews.

Position Requirements:

  • The position requires up to 4 years of forecasting, financial modeling, valuation, and/or decision analysis experience, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Background in statistics is a plus. Graduate degree in a quantitative discipline, with significant training in Finance, Management Science, or Decision Analysis, is strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated expertise at structuring and completing insightful financial analyses combined with an ability to clearly communicate insights to stakeholders and senior management is required.
  • Strong facilitation and leadership skills required. Experience in a management consulting or internal consulting setting is desirable.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage competing priorities is required.

    Strong financial valuation modeling and analysis capabilities using spreadsheet software is required.

  • Experience using decision analysis techniques to evaluate investments under uncertainty and experience with standard Excel Monte Carlo packages (such as @Risk or Crystal Ball) is desirable.

  • A deep understanding of clinical development, regulatory issues, and market dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry is strongly preferred.

  • Our team members need to be comfortable raising key issues and opportunities to the attention of team and therapeutic area management.