Bristol-Myers Squibb: Science Education
Science Education

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we offer skill-building within our Research & Development organization through the programs outlined below.

Center for Science Education

Employees in the scientific community have come to depend on career-long education to keep up with technological developments and change. Our Center for Science Education was established in 1989 to provide continuing scientific and science-related education to our scientists as well as non-scientific and non-R&D employees.

The center's goal is to:

  • Advance scientific and business knowledge
  • Promote good communication practices
  • Build research and leadership skills
  • Foster creativity and innovation

A selection of courses addressing specific areas of functional expertise, performance improvement, and personal development are offered on a regular basis. We provide opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-functional development where employees can take advantage of the available open-enrollment courses to enhance performance, productivity, and efficiency. A few examples of courses offered are:

  • Advanced Scientific Writing & Editing
  • Non-Clinical Drug Safety and Evaluation
  • Clinical Discovery - Introduction to Pharmacokinetics for Non-Kineticists
  • Scientific Presentations
  • Drug Discovery Biology Notebook Record Keeping Procedures

Graduate Education

The graduate programs to which Bristol-Myers Squibb's R&D department has alliances with include:

  • Princeton University Industry Alliance Program: provides employees with the opportunity to attend chemistry department seminars hosted by the university.
  • Lehigh Education Satellite Network: through distance education, employees can earn a master's degree in various disciplines.
  • Hibernia College Online Education: through this online program, employees are able to earn a master's degree in pharmaceutical medicine. The courses available within this degree provide a systematic understanding of the drug development process from initial discovery of a new chemical entity through research and development phases and on to the regulatory approval process and commercialization of the product.

Performance and Training Solutions for R&D

This Investigator Training Program provides new clinical investigators with a comprehensive curriculum to enable them to conduct clinical research to Bristol-Myers Squibb's standards. The program can also be used to train employees currently involved in our clinical trials.

R&D Information Retrieval & Use

We provide access to an extensive collection of electronic scientific information resources which offers specialized information analysis services spanning the entire Product Development and Commercialization process. The services also support published literature requirements for regulatory submissions.

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