In order to keep serving patients, we have to grow in a manner that respects the environment, encourages social progress and contributes to long-term economic viability. We embrace our responsibility to support our supply chain, employees and communities.


Patients are at the center of everything we do, and our work is focused on the development of innovative medicines that deliver value to patients and broader society. To do so in a sustainable manner requires continued investment in research and development that seeks to uncover transformative approaches to treating serious diseases. At the same time, we aim to broaden access to medicines by collaborating with various facets of healthcare systems globally to build capacity to care for patients, including creative approaches to address affordability.

We recognize that underpinning our research and commercial activity is a responsibility to support our employees and the health and viability of our supply chain, the communities where we operate, the environment and returns to our shareholders. A long-term perspective on these responsibilities and emerging issues is important and aligns with the future focus required by the development cycle to bring new medicines to patients.

In this section we provide background on our approach to sustainability as a responsible corporate citizen. We seek to earn the trust of our stakeholders by providing insight on our operations. We also value your opinion and appreciate your feedback on any aspect of our sustainability performance.

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Bristol Myers Squibb’s 2021 ESG Report discusses our progress toward sustainability against 16+ indicators in accordance with the BioPharma Alliance, as well as GRI, NBIM and SASB.

We actively invest in the economic sustainability of the company, research, and partnerships in order to continue the innovative progress in all areas of the business.
We are dedicated to supporting access to our medicines, being a good neighbor and a force for positive change around the world.
Our priorities

So that we may provide focus and maximize our opportunities, we've hand-selected these efforts within Bristol Myers Squibb, our community, and beyond, and established goals in each area.

Our commitment to protecting people, the company, and the environment can only be sustained with strong governance systems to ensure consistency and integrity.

Bristol Myers Squibb maintains high standards for our environmental impact throughout our research, manufacturing and other operations.

GRI report

The Bristol Myers Squibb sustainability website is a GRI-based report, following the criteria in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Sustainability reports & resources
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